There are currently 35 achievements, 2 of which are hidden.


Category Name Description Requirement
Hand-cooked This is kind of fun... You've hand-cooked your first batch of good-stuff Hand-cook 1 batch of meth
I see how this works You've hand-cooked 100 batches of meth Hand-cook 100 batches of meth
Click apprentice You've hand-cooked 1,000 batches of meth Hand-cook 1,000 batches of meth
Click magician You've hand-cooked 100,000 batches of meth Hand-cook 100,000 batches of meth
Clickity-splickity You've hand-cooked 1,000,000 batches of meth Hand-cook 1M batches of meth
I AM THE ONE WHO CLICKS YOU are to be feared. You've hand-cooked 100,000,000 batches of meth! Hand-cook 100M batches of meth
Money In the meth business You've earned your first $1,000 Earn $1,000 cash
In the money business You've earned your first $1,000,000 Earn $1M cash
Billion with a B You've earned your first $1,000,000,000 Earn $1B cash
In the cartel business You've earned your first $1 trillion Earn $1T cash
In the empire business You've earned $1 quadrillion dollars! Earn $1Q cash
Kardashian You've spent your first $1,000,000! Spend $1M cash
Kanye You've spent your first $1,000,000,000! Spend $1B Cash
The Fed You've spent your first $1,000,000,000,000! Spend $1T Cash
THE High Roller You've spent your first $1 Quadrillion! Spend $1Q Cash
Fortune 1 You've spent your first $1 Quintillion! Spend $1Qt Cash
Manufacturing Cookin' with C.H.U.D. You've built a Subterranean Complex Own a Subterranean Complex
Science, bitch! You've acquired a laboratory Own a Laboratory
One small step for meth kind You've built a Moon Lab Own a Moonlab Alpha
The meth is strong with you You've built a Meth Star Own a Meth Star
Distribution I am the law! An entire City Police Force is on your payroll Own a City Police Force
On the inside A DEA Mole is now in your pocket Own a DEA Mole
Government Shutdown You've bought the entire senate! Own 100 Crooked Senator
Laundering Frozen Bananas There's always money in the banana stand Own a Banana Stand
Laundering Better Worlds You've bought a Space Corp! Own a Space Corp
McLaunder's You've bought a franchise! Own a Food Franchise
Time A Minute of Your Time You've managed a meth lab for 1 minute Spend more than 60 seconds playing.
Five Minutes of Fame You've managed a meth lab for 5 minutes Spend more than 300 seconds playing.
First Lab Hour You've managed a meth lab for an hour Spend more than 3,600 seconds playing.
Half a day down the drain You've managed a meth empire for 12 hours Spend more than 43,200 seconds playing.
Addict You've managed a meth empire for an entire day Spend more than 86,400 seconds playing.
Junkie You've managed a meth empire for an entire week! Spend more than 604,800, seconds playing.
Burnout You've managed a meth empire for a month! Dayum! Spend more than 2,629,742.976 seconds playing. (1 month according to google)

Hidden AchievementsEdit

These achievements are hidden from the list of achievements and will stay hidden until the requirements are met.

Category Name Description Requirement
Cheating Counterfeiter You've hacked in some cash Hack in some cash
Meth from nowhere You've hacked in some batches-o-meth Hack in some batches of meth

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